The Step-By-Step Guide To Lovable Marketing Campaigns is an ebook published by HubSpot. It is authored by their inbound marketing manager, Magdalena Georgieva. It is a helpful ebook that will help you understand how you can create a lovable marketing campaign.

We all know how marketing plays an important role in any business. Although it is the sales that drive the profit, it is your marketing efforts that will help sustain and improve the profitability of the company. You may have a great sales team but if you do not have a strong marketing arm, you cannot reach the full potential of your profitability.

Summary of the Step-By-Step Guide To Lovable Marketing Campaigns

The ebook begins by identifying what “lovable marketing” means. Apparently, it is not enough to have a marketing campaign. You have to make sure that it is lovable and appealing to your target audience.

The Step-By-Step Guide To Lovable Marketing defined it as something that has these three characteristics:

  • It has to be of value.
  • It has to be relevant and personalised.
  • It has to be trustworthy, reputable, and reliable.

The ebook proceeded to discuss the key components that make a successful and lovable marketing campaign.

Produce a compelling marketing offer

According to the ebook, you should have a detailed idea of what your target needs. You cannot create an offer that they will avail unless you know them well. The content will also play an important role in creating a lovable marketing offer. It has to be appropriate to the specific goal of the campaign. After all, the content you will use to create awareness should be different from what you will use to drive in sales. The topic of your content should be interesting enough to attract traffic and presented in the right format to appeal to them. If there is a need, hiring a professional to create the content can help. The content can also be from a repurposed old content. You can transform an ebook and turn it into a video and vice versa.

Place the offer on your website

The next step is to create a unique landing page. It has to have a form that will help you build your lead. Make sure this form is not too long. A call-to-action that leads to this landing page should be placed on several parts of the website. Placement is very important to make the traffic notice it and make them want to act on it.

Attach the offer to automated workflows

The details you will get from the form should immediately be acted upon. You have to prepare a plan or automated workflow that will help nurture the leads you will get. This can involve auto-responders, marketing automation, etc. The ebook mentioned that statistics reveal that majority of the traffic on a website is doing research. But if you are quick to respond to them, the chances of converting them into paying customers will be higher.

Market offer to existing contacts

It is important to segment the leads you will get. This will allow you to place when it a more personalised email marketing strategy. Your email marketing will play a huge role at this point in time.

Promote it via email, blog & social media channels

After the leads are generated, you can now start sending marketing offers, promos, discounts, and all the information that will convince them to make a purchase. This is the time to connect and engage them. Build the relationship with the audience through engaging activities, attractive promotions, and informative blogs. Social media will also be a relevant platform.

Measure results

Check how each of the elements performed – both individually and as part of the while. This involves getting the analytics of the call-to-action, workflows, email marketing, blog post, social media, etc. You should improve or update the campaign based on what you will find.

Review of the Step-By-Step Guide To Lovable Marketing Campaigns

What is great about the Step-By-Step Guide To Lovable Marketing Campaigns is that it is simple, straight to the point, and very informative. The ebook is filled with illustrations that make each text easy to understand and keywords or phrases easy to spot.

The flow of the marketing campaign can be clearly seen as well. It breaks down the points and explains them well without making the ebook drown in too much text.

The author was introduced at the beginning of the ebook and it made the content very reliable. The Step-By-Step Guide To Lovable Marketing Campaigns is a must-read for all those who wish to create a stellar marketing campaign.