A marketing offer email is one of the many techniques that you can use in your marketing campaign. The main goal of having a campaign is to send out information about a new or updated product or service. The end goal is to give them the information that they need to decide if they will patronise the new or improved product or service.

What is a marketing offer email

One of the most cost-efficient ways of sending this information is through email marketing. This is defined as the act of sending a message to a group of people through email. Usually, the group of people we are referring to are those who can be potential customers.

An email can be used to send a digital brochure, an advertisement, or packet of information. This is intended to raise brand awareness to increase loyalty and in effect, sales.A message becomes a marketing offer email if it was done with the intention of driving sales by campaigning for a specific product, service or company. It can come in many forms. It can directly announce the launch of a new product. Or, it can serve as an update – like if a product went through some changes or improvements. If you have a new promotion or discount, this can also be sent to the email of your loyal patrons. Even the simple news about the arrival of more stocks can be used as content for your email.

As you can see, these type of content has one thing in common – it contains information that will hopefully make the consumers want to buy or avail of your product or service.

5 elements of a high-converting marketing offer email

A marketing offer email can only be considered successful if it can translate into sales. To increase the chances of a having-converting email, these are the 5 elements that it has to have.

It has to be timed correctly.

Do not just send an email when you want to. It has to be planned perfectly because people do not want to keep on receiving emails. This means you can only send an email offer once or twice – so you have to make it count. Usually, the best time to send an email is in the morning while people are going to work, during lunch break, or in the evening when they are at home. Of course, you need to know the lifestyle of your target market to decide which of the three is most convenient to them.

It has an attention-grabbing subject.

This is the first thing that they will see. If you have an interesting subject, they will be enticed to read the whole email. You have to build the anticipation to open the content. Just be straight to the point in telling what the email contains – but give it a bit of a mystery. If there is a sale, then that is what your subject should be about. If it contains new information about a product, then state that this is an announcement for a new product.

It has to be visually appealing.

Never send a text-only marketing offer email. That is boring and you will lose the interest of clients after a few sentences. Make sure the email contains images and graphics. Using visually-stimulating elements will help make the email more interesting. Not only that, you can use one image to tell the whole story. Choose an image that will help the email recipients get a gist of the content even with just a glance. The layout should also be well-thought out. For instance, the call to action button should stand out so it can be easily seen by the recipient. This is how you convert your email into sales.

It has to be optimized for all devices.

By optimized, we usually mean it should be accessible to mobile devices. It is important for you to ensure that the image you will use will not be distorted or the layout in the email compromised once it is viewed in a smaller screen. It should be user-friendly and can be opened across multiple platforms. This will guarantee that it will be received by your target market.

It has to be personalized.

Finally, the last element of a high-converting marketing offer email is personalization. You have to make sure that it caters to exactly what your target market needs. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your time sending them emails. There are software programs that can help you segment your emails so it is sent to the right demographics. Make sure you utilize this feature.

A marketing offer email is a great tool to use in your campaign. You just have to give it the right elements that will increase the success of converting it into actual sales and profit for the company.