Facebook offer claim ads can be a great tool for you to use in your marketing campaigns. This social media site is one of the most visited. Any business will be crazy not to take advantage of this. It is believed that members spend hours each day just browsing through their profiles.

This is a great opportunity to for businesses to promote their company and what they offer. People hang out here all the time. You just have to post something to give them information about your company and what you can do to help them with their needs.

The creators of Facebook continuously provide businesses with the chance to connect with this huge market. One of the tools you can use is the Facebook Offer Claims.

What is the Facebook Offer Claims?

No matter how great your company is or the product and service that you offer, it is nothing if you cannot tell your target market about it. While giving them the information they need is a great start, it is not enough. You need to come up with online promotions and discounts so your target market will be encouraged to avail of what you offer.

That is what Facebook Offer Claims ads can help you with. This was initially introduced in 2012 and them improved over the years. So how does this work?

It is a tool that you can use to give your target market something to claim. To simplify, you will be giving your target market freebies that they can claim – only after making a purchase. It is a great marketing strategy to boost sales.

To create the offer, you need to select “Offer Claims” as the advertising objective. You can do this through your Facebook business page. You can choose among different options. The tool allows you to offer a percentage discount, a price slash, giveaways, or even a “buy one get one” promo. You will also be required to fill out details about the campaign – the duration, total offers, redemption rules, terms and conditions, etc.

Once this is completed, you need to create the ad to inform your target market about this new campaign offer. This ad can take different forms. It can be a static ad or a video display. This Facebook offer claim ads will be shown based on the type of target market that you will specify.It is important to be aware of the difference between claiming an in-store offer with that of online offers. The in-store offers usually come with a barcode or QR code that customers will take with them so the store can scan it. Online offers are more simple because you simply need a code that is usually encoded upon checkout.

Pros and cons of using Facebook offer claims ads

So what makes Facebook Offer Claims ads a good or bad idea?

First of all, it there is a sense of urgency. You will be asked to include a time frame and expiration date for the offer. This will encourage your target market to make the purchase immediately. This feature also comes with a tool that will set up reminders for the user to tell them when the offer is expiring. Not only that, the offer shows how many people availed. The more people are shown to have taken up on the offer, the more enticing it gets for others.

Of course, this is not entirely without any drawbacks. For one, this cannot be edited. So if you want to extend it, you have to create a new ad. This can be tricky when it comes to monitoring because everything resets with the new ad. You have to keep track of all the Facebook Offer Claim Ads to see how many people really availed of it. Also, these claims do not guarantee a purchase. It is still up to the client if they will make a purchase or not.