Companies are concerned about their reputation and charity campaign offers usually help them build a good one.

Before you buy a product, your initial reaction is whether that product is what you need or not. However, when you get past that stage and you realize that it can meet your need, you ask another question – who is the company behind this product?

Truth be told, a company with a good reputation is more than likely to develop loyal customers. A business will not survive unless they can improve customer loyalty. The first time purchase can only go so far. You want your clients to keep on paying for a product or service so the company will get a continuous stream of revenue.

But how do charity campaign offers play a role in this?

What are charity campaign offers

This is a type of marketing campaign wherein a known brand develops a campaign that is meant for the benefit of a chosen charity. It is a win-win situation for both parties. The company would get a boost in their reputation and the charity will get the proceeds from the campaign. Not only that, the charity will also benefit from the exposure to the target market.

Study reveals that people usually prefer brands that are associated or have expressed their support to a good cause. After all, you are paying your money to buy a product with this company. It would be great if a part of that will go to a charity that you believe in.

It has been revealed that these charity campaign offers can be a successful marketing strategy for businesses. Showing a charitable side motivates customers to buy more of a product. Not only that, it also gets the attention of other consumers – which eventually leads to their conversion.

How brands use campaigns for charity purposes

There are many ways to use campaigns for charity purposes. Sometimes, the brand will create a new product that is inspired by a charity organization. Any profit from this product will go to the chosen charity. Some companies repackage an existing product and mention that its sales will benefit a good cause. There are those who do not really do anything new with a product – but offers to send a portion of the profit within a particular time frame to a charity organization.

The truth is, you can be very flexible if you want to use charity campaign offers. If you want some examples, here are a couple of campaigns between brands and charities that have worked in the past.

Innocent and Age UK

They called it “The Big Knit”. In this campaign, Age UK groups knitted small woollen hats that were then placed on the smoothie bottles sold by Innocent. For every smoothie sold, Innocent donates a portion of the profit to Age UK. The woollen hats were so cute and the campaign so effective that it was able to raise awareness on the social isolation of older folks. The fact that they raised £1.75 million is just icing on the cake.

Pampers and UNICEF

This partnership resulted in providing more than 300 million vaccines all over the world. Every year between October to December, Pampers promises that with every branded pack that is sold, they will pay for the cost of one tetanus vaccine to UNICEF. Not only that, whenever someone watches their campaign video, the company also makes a donation.

Fairy and Make-A-Wish Foundation

Seems like a good partnership – since fairies have the power to grant wishes. This is probably why this partnership had been going on for more than a decade. Every Christmas season, Fairy makes use of special bottles and packs that are branded to promote their campaign with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This is a £1 million campaign that increases awareness for what this foundation does and it also improves the brand recognition for Fairy.

As you can see, the reputation of these brands improves because of these charity campaign offers. You will be more likely to buy their product if you know that you are helping someone else with your purchase.