Are you wondering about what campaign examples are used by gambling websites? We all know how saturated this industry is. Every year, more and more online casinos are created. How can the new ones compete with those that had been in the industry for a long time? At the same time, how can the old ones keep their loyal clients and keep them from going to the new sites? Off course they have to provide good campaigns, games and fast cashouts for their players to have a chance to keep their players. Read more about quick cashout on casinos here.

Obviously, this can be a real struggle. Add to that the fact that not all countries allow online gambling in their territory. That means you have a restricted reach and your marketing options may be limited.

Campaign examples used by online casinos

So how do gambling websites use campaigns to promote themselves – considering all the restrictions that they have to face?

Welcome bonus

One of the safest that you can do is to come up with a welcome bonus, discounts, and freebies for the benefit of new players. This will encourage new gamers to create an account on your site. This is one of the most popular campaign examples that all online casinos use. For instance, Queen Casino will give back 20% of the initial deposit if it is done through bank transfer. The online casino even allows players to combine it with the welcome bonus – which amounts to a very attractive 170% bonus.

Email marketing and press releases

Of course, you have to let everyone know that you are offering this. The easiest way to do this is through email marketing and press releases. Have a good writer come up with articles and email campaigns that you can send out.

Social media and referral rewards

Social media is also an option that you can use. This will entail the help of current players that you have. You can give them a referral bonus that will give them freebies if they convince their own contacts to create an account with the website. They can also give them a chance to win something if they share a photo or campaign material with info about the online casino.


This is the traditional way of implementing a campaign. You use advertisements. Monster Casino used a TV ad to help get a big share of the online casino market in the UK. This is quite an expensive route that can be easily recovered if the campaign worked. There are other options that include setting up ads in popular casino review sites or similar websites. This will help gain exposure for the online casino.

Guerilla marketing

Then again, there are those who go a more unconventional route. Apparently, there is this thing called guerilla marketing that online casinos can use. That means you are not using the traditional way of advertising. You hide your advertisements and then release it when the target audience does not expect it. For instance, Paddy Power used a Danish footballer (Nicklas Bendtner) to reveal their logo on his underwear after scoring a goal. Since this is banned, the player was fined by UEFA – an amount that Paddy Power gladly paid since they got a whole lot of exposure after this stunt.

What do you think of these campaign examples? Are they conventional or unconventional enough?