Have you ever thought about using crazy marketing ideas? Believe it or not, there are some wild ideas that have been a big hit.

About using crazy marketing ideas

Not everyone will agree that using wild marketing campaigns will work. Our society puts too much importance in following the norm. You need to conform if you want to be accepted by what society deems as the standard way of things.

But when it comes to marketing, that is not exactly what you want to happen. The goal of marketing campaigns is to get your target market to notice you. There are hundreds of thousands of businesses in the world. How can you compete with all of them so your targets will take notice of what you have to offer?

Think of it this way. You are in a room filled with talking people. You need to immediately get the attention of your friends way across the room. Do you head out to them to talk face to face? No – that would take too much time. So what do you do? You will probably choose to do something loud to get their attention.

The same is true with crazy marketing ideas. That is your way of standing out. It is your way of telling your target audience to notice you so you can tell them about the product or service that you want to offer.

Some of the craziest marketing ideas that worked

It is understandable why some companies will hesitate to use these crazy marketing ideas. What if it fails? That embarrassment will not only cost the company money, but it will also give everyone bad publicity.

But then again, what if it works? If you are doubtful that it will, take a look at these wild marketing ideas that successfully stood out and worked like a charm.

MSI’s “Month at the Museum”

Spending a month living in a museum – that’s crazy, right? Well, it is a wild idea but it certainly worked for the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI). The museum needed to encourage people to visit so they can raise enough money for a renovation project. Let’s face it, encouraging people to visit the museum can be tough. This is why they came up with this crazy marketing stunt. They came up with a contest wherein the winner will spend 30 days living inside the museum. The whole experience will be documented through both traditional and social media. It worked like magic! There were more than 1,500 entries from all over the world (even Antarctica). And according to statistics, it gained 460 million audience impressions. Not only that, attendance significantly increased simply because MSI was brave enough to act on this crazy marketing idea.

Heineken’s “Walk in Fridge”

This campaign played on stereotypes. The advertisement begins with a housewarming party wherein the proud hostess shows her female friends her walk-in closet. Their shrieks of delight were interrupted by the cheers of the men somewhere in the house. It is then revealed that the host showed his group of friends their walk-in fridge – filled with Heineken products. The timing and progression of the story made this a memorable ad. You would initially think that the ad is for a fashion brand. But when the walk-in fridge is revealed, the big “A-HA!” moment happens. It probably helped that nobody would really think of having a walk-in fridge at home and this element is a big surprise to everyone. That is what made this commercial one of the best there is.

Germanwings’ “Planemob”

This was a video ad campaign released by the European air carrier, Germanwings. It was an attack against their competitor, Ryanair, known for their cheap flights and notorious for charging their clients to use the toilet. In the ad, Germanwings places passengers on one of the Ryanair flights with cardboard signs that showed various complaints about the company. The video ended with the statement about just flying with Germanwings next time. For 400,000 views, this campaign only cost the company a flip camera and a few cheap plane tickets. You can say that it was a low blow but you have to admit it was effective.

What do you think of these crazy marketing ideas? Think you can match them with one of your own?